Hello everyone,

So I have ordered the servers from a hosting company called "AnvilNode" they offer cheaper hosting that was available through fragnet.net as well as better support from what I've seen in the past few days. That being said the Servers have all been linked with bungee cord and are ready to be connected to (please bear with us as the permissions are not set up properly so if you do join you will not have any perms at this time. The IP will not be posted on here as then it could get out to the public. However, that being said once we have figured out the perms you will all be able to come online and start building and playing in the beautiful blocks of BullCraft! As mentioned under the server status updates. What would everyone think of building a U.S.S Enterprise in the hub? we have world edit so it would just be a matter of copy/paste when we get the actual hub map.

If anyone has any suggestions of what we should build I ask that you post it here! :)

Thanks everyone!